Team Task Manager

Team Task Manager 2.33

Team Task Manager is the right tool to help keep track of all projects and tasks

Team Task Manager is the right tool to help keep track of all projects and tasks, focus on what is most important, manage and control time, and dramatically increase group productivity!
Team Task Manager is installed and configured in minutes. The friendly user interface gets you started right away and eliminates the need for costly trainings. Team Task Manager does not require monthly fees. It’s very affordable for every budget!
Team Task Manager is designed to minimize the time it takes to keep your projects up-to-date. Assign tasks, setup due dates, add task dependencies, attach files, view progress reports, share documents - all with just a few clicks. Notification alerts in the Windows taskbar give an instant feedback, the minute a change occurs.
Projects with many tasks and team members can quickly get overwhelming to handle. Team Task Manager improves the overview by offering different project views. Besides the familiar tree structure, project tasks can also be viewed in a graphical Gantt chart format. Project reports can be reviewed by team members and a burn down chart is displayed with the remaining work.
Team Task Manager includes a document sharing feature that can securely control the viewing, editing and deleting the critical information, independent of the team members' access to the file server. Sharing up-to-date information with everyone in the team gets easier when critical information is stored and secured in a central place.
Main features:
-Task Management
- Create projects, hierarchical task groups and tasks
- Set date, duration and dependencies for tasks
- Add tags, comments and attached files to any task
- Assign tasks to one or more team members
- Filter and sort tasks by up to 12 different criterias
- Show tasks in hierarchical tree view, Gantt chart or list view
-Team Management
- Assign individual access rights for each project and document
- Provide an individual To-Do-Lists for each team member
- Assign tasks to team members and follow-up via report view
- Get instant notification alerts when changes are made
-Document Sharing
- Share and edit documents securely
- Follow up delegated tasks and get notified about task changes
- Generate customizable reports for projects and tasks
- Archive old/completed projects for future reference

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